Plans for 2014...

Well it's been a while since I have blogged over here - things have been busy on my other blog and I have been busy working on new ideas for my Folksy shop in 2014.

My Sweet Kitty range went down a treat last year so I plan on continuing that line - I have some wonderful Scandinavian fabrics in beautiful colours and prints to play with and hope to produce one or two limited edition Sweet Kitties a month.
The little handstitched Sweet Kitty brooches have also been selling like proverbial hot cakes so I will continue producing those including, again in limited numbers, brooches to match each month's Sweet Kitty.

The first of these limited editions will be coming in February so keep your eyes peeled!

In the meantime I have been developing another range of cute, lavender stuffed critters. These are a little different however as the main body fabrics are all upcycled from old clothes.
Using luxury fabrics - mostly those with high wool content, such as tweeds and tartans - I have been working on these cute little pups.

Aren't they adorable?

They come with a little hoop stitched securely into place on top of their head so you can hang them up or clip them to a key ring or bag charm.

They are stuffed with a mix of dried homegrown lavender and rice (the rice gives a nice 'weight' to the pups) which sits in the bottom half.  So not only do they look good but they SMELL good too! The top half is filled with high quality toy stuffing.

I use co-ordinating wool mix felt for the heart patch, noses - which are hand stitched with stranded embroidery thread - and the ear linings too.

Oh the ears! Held in place with the dinkiest little wooden buttons!

All pups come with a ribbon collar (I use fab Jane Means ribbons - they come in such a wonderful range of colours and patterns).

I am also working on cat and rabbit designs in this range. And who knows what other critters may suggest themselves to me?

One thing is for sure - lavender bags have never been so cute!

The first batch of Upcycled Lavender Pups are now available from my Folksy store here.   As they are made from upcycled clothing they come in very limited numbers plus hand finishing means every single pup is a little bit different

Anthea xx


  1. Those dogs are really cute! They'll sell well.

  2. Your little pups are so sweet Anthea!...(and I'm a fan of Jane Means ribbons too..:-) )
    Hope you're having a great week,
    Susan x