It's in the post..

This weekend I finally got the first batch of Christmas scented 'Sweet Kitties' listed on Folksy

Nordic Christmas Cats are made from gorgeous printed cotton fabric from Scandinavia teamed up with ribbons, felt and buttons in lovely winter shades of red, grey and white plus, of course, they are all stuffed with those festive Christmas Spice aroma beads.
There are four designs available in very limited numbers - the first batch were listed and sold within an hour!!

I have now completed and listed the second batch but I don't expect them to hang around for too long either if your facebook comments and tweets are anything to go by!

(click on the pictures to go shopping)

The weekend sales gave me a good excuse to crack out my new packaging materials. I love wrapping presents and I feel that if someone has made the effort to look at my shop and part with their hard earned cash to purchase my designs the least I can do is wrap them up nicely for them!

I found some lovely sky blue tissue paper and shiny red envelopes on ebay.

They match my new stickers from MOO perfectly don't you think? 

How important do you think the packaging is? Should sellers put more thought into the way they send their goods out to customers or do you believe that it's what's on the inside the counts?

Let me know!

Anthea xx


  1. Your little kitties are so sweet Anthea and I love your choice of fabrics....your stickers and sky blue paper look so pretty too...I'm sure they won't be in your shop for long!
    Happy Tuesday!
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan! I hope they don't hang around too long - they would much rather be sitting pretty and admired than lying, wrapped in tissue paper in my stock drawer ;-) x

  2. Love your packaging, agree the packaging gives it that bit of added value! I'm a bit of a cat crazy lady so I love them! Samantha x createitsamantha.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I think it shows that you care about your product and you value your customers too! We're all a bit cat crazy here too ;-)

  3. I love the little bell detail on the cats, it's so cute! I think packaging is important. People are paying for a handmade service at the end of the day. I must invest in some of those stickers, they're well cute!

    1. I love the little bells too :-) The MOO stickers are excellent quality and really finish off the packages nicely. If you do decide to order some give me a shout - I have a discount code you can use...