Building up Christmas stock...

As part of my new organised self I have declared that weekends are for family and home projects only. Forest Flower Designs IS my work and has to be kept to working hours (even if those working hours are anytime between 9am and 10pm Monday to Friday!) in order that we, as a family, have all important family time!

However as I spent most of last week dying from some nasty flu type virus this weekend I really needed to spend some time catching up so I devoted a couple of hours to stuffing...

All of these are Christmas items which means they all have lovely Christmas Spice aroma beads added to the stuffing for a lovely warm festive fragrance. 
It also means my living room currently smells gorgeous!!

A selection of Festive Felines in various Christmas fabrics -  I particularly love the modern multi-coloured star burst print! 

These little birdies will soon have cute colourful felt wings added - they will look just stunning on a pastel themed tree.

There can never be enough red and white hearts on my Christmas tree...
The stuffing bit is the 'hard' work. This week I shall be stitching the holes closed and the fun bit begins - embellishment!!! 

Time to get the felt, buttons, ribbons and trimmings ready....

It's not ALL been about Christmas decorations though. I have been working on these cute little brooches too - Sweet Kitties to wear!!

And how about these cute 'puff' brooches using gorgeous vintage buttons from Nan's button tin?
I think they will make fab pressies - definitely going to add a few more of these to my Christmas craft fair stock pile!

It's half term this week and I already have most of the week planned around activities with Roo so much of this week's Forest Flower work will be crammed into the evenings once he is in bed.
I hope to get that first batch of cats, birds and hearts finished and listed in my Folksy store by the end of the week

To those of you who are busy prepping for the upcoming round of Christmas craft fairs I wish you all the best! 
May we all maintain our sanity at this most wonderfully hectic time of the year!!

Anthea xx


  1. Ooh! I likee those brooches alotee! I may have to be tempted into buying one when I've got a bit more cash!

    1. hehehe - there will be lots of different colours coming over the next few weeks ;-)

  2. Starting to plot a spot for some of these. Maybe a kitty or a heart.

    1. Excellent! Keep your eyes peeled - I will be listing by the end of the week Erica :-)